At Evolve Day Spa & Salon Marketing we specialise in Publicity & Marketing for your industry.


Our tried and proven word of mouth campaigns have been providing solutions to resolve customer and cash flow problems for the beauty industry for more than 15 years.


We can provide you with hundreds of new clients for your business - Our direct word of mouth campaigns are free of charge to the salon as we recover the costs through the new clientele we introduce to your business.


We work in your local area to find you clients that value your services & are local to you.


We specialise in Publicity & Marketing for day spas, hair & beauty salons and massage/wellness centres with proven results. 


We understand conventional advertising such as radio, print, TV & billboards can be costly and fail to deliver the new clients to your front door with results difficult to quantify.  


An Evolve word of mouth campaign compliments your existing marketing strategy, providing your business with a database of hundreds of new clients that are familiar and have an interest in your services.


The new clients we bring to you are yours to keep.  You'll have all of their contact details in one place enabling you to contact them with special offers and newsletters whenever you like.


Imagine having a group of well presented, experienced, trained professionals motivated to bring you new clients, representing you in the best possible light to everyone they meet.


Our tried and proven word of mouth campaigns have been providing solutions to resolve customer and cash flow problems for the beauty industry for more than 15 years because:


• Direct word of mouth publicity has always been and always will be the best and most cost effective way to introduce     profitable clients to your business immediately. Once they give your business a try, they’ll often return with friends,       ready to pay full price.


• Our professional and experienced representatives will talk to thousands of prospective new clients on your behalf, telling them who you are, where they can find you and all about the wonderful treatments you offer.


• The service is free to you , we cover the cost through the new clients we bring to your salon/spa.  We will provide the time and effort to tell people about your business, while you concentrate on what you do best... providing great treatments and excellent customer service.




• Our experienced staff will work closely with you and your staff to help maximise the profitability of all your new clients and to keep them coming back for more.


• We have industry professionals at the ready to advise you where necessary on how to make the most of the opportunities we provide.


• Our industry specific knowledge and experience allows us to tailor our campaign specifically to your business, helping you reach your goals for growth quickly, efficiently & effectively, and leaving you with more time for the important things in life.

"Thank-you Sarah and your team at Evolve Marketing.

It was wonderful to have a professional team of people that understood our business representing us to the wider community. The EVOLVE team did all the hard work they set up all the appointments with business’s in our area then visited each one personally. What we set out to achieve the EVOLVE TEAM DELIVERED! We wanted more local people to know about our business and what we had on offer. The one on one marketing contact with people was invaluable, for every voucher sold an extra 2-3 people were told about us giving us exposure to nearly ¼ of our local population. You know you have got it right when during and immediately after the campaign we found the whole town was talking about us !"


Andrea Holmes

Owner ~ Daylesford Day Spa




The partnership between Elixir Wellbeing Spa and Evolve Marketing has been a win-win experience.  Elixir has enjoyed a significant boost of new clientele and Evolve Marketing has secured our loyalty.  Sarah from Evolve listened to our needs and requests and understands the industry. She put together material that appealed to our local area market and the promotion was an enormous success!  Sarah's friendly personality and professionalism was commented on by many of our perspective clients which was key to their introduction to our business.  I cannot recommend Evolve marketing highly enough.  If your business needs an infusion of new clients don't hesitate to contact Sarah today - you won't believe the results. 


Lynette Belsher

Owner ~ Elixir Wellbeing Spa - Sale 




"We have been working with Evolve for quite a while having done a few promotions as we find them to be one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of attracting new clients to our salon."


Fusun Batey

Owner ~ Ella Bache Hamilton @ Portside




“I have tried a few similar marketing programs before but never got the same results as I do with Evolve Spa Marketing. Sarah's professionalism & understanding of the Spa & Beauty industry makes me feel at ease with allowing her to promote my business to potential new clients. I have noticed about 80% of our treatment bookings are made with upgrades bringing extra revenue to the business. In addition, the girls have really focused on providing thorough skin analysis & recommendations resulting in an increase in retail sales. My staff have enjoyed the variety of the new treatments in which we offer and they are becoming more confident in up selling. Evolves marketing program allows that I still have full control over bookings. We limit the amount we put in each day to ensure we can still cater for full paying clients. I would happily recommend Sarah to any business, as an owner who spends so much time still in the treatment room as well as doing all the bookwork & managing a team of young therapists it is one less thing for me to worry about”.


Sarah Cook

Owner ~ Ballarat Sanctuary Day Spa




“As an established business that recently moved to a new area, Sarah and her company Evolve was gods send for us to tap into the local businesses. There was no way we would have had the time or the expertise to visit the number of people Evolve’s team of sales representatives were able to. Their professionalism in staff, training and design of certificates were impeccable. We continue to have all new therapists trained by the Evolve team as we find their sales techniques are non invasive yet immensely effective. By far the marketing campaign we did with Evolve was the most successful marketing we have done to date and we will certainly continue to utilise their service.''


Jen x

Owner ~ ENTA Day Spa/Wellness, Strathmore 




"EVOLVE - Day Spa & Salon Marketing Solutions is a fabulous way of getting more business through your door!  The EVOLVE representatives do all the hard work of promoting your beauty or day spa business.  The EVOLVE system gives the chance for new clients to try our your companies services, that they otherwise might have never have considered.  An effective marketing tool without the huge costs of advertising.  I highly recommend this business building service!"


Shantelle Quarrell

Owner ~ Timeless & Ageless, Balwyn




"When I started my business I decided to go with a referral from a friend and got in contact with Sarah from Evolve Marketing.   Based on the results my friend had received I knew it would work for me and I have not been disappointed.  I love the exposure my business has received and have gained lots of local clients who are now regulars.  In comparison to other forms of marketing I have undertaken I find this method to be cost effective and will definitely continue to use Evolve Marketing."


Sylvia Lane

Owner - Daylight Organic Spa & A Touch of Balance 




"I have been using the services of Evolve for approx. 3 years now and have been extremely happy with the results and the client outcomes. Previously I have used other like companies and I have to say they pale in comparison to the level of service I have received from Evolve.    Sarah has been exceptional in her professionalism towards myself, my team and the clients that the cards have presented to the salon. I truly believe that professionalism and levels of service are controlled and dictated from the top down. Because Sarah is so professional, then that motto is copied by her staff and is evident from the client satisfaction as an end result.     The cards themselves have been the very best way to grow my business and make it a successful and thriving salon. I have not bothered with newspaper advertising for years as the results can be very ambiguous. The cards, on the whole, provide the salon with a keen client that is willing to spend money on their skin and are looking for results.

I would not hesitate to recommend the cards and Evolve as a brilliant way to increase sales for any salon"


Bridgit Price

Owner ~ Atone Lifestyle Salon 




"I opened my business in February 2009.  Knowing how critical the first six months would be, I chose EVOVE to help build the brand & reputation of my business, and they made an immediate impact.  Sarah & her team have assisted me tremendously in building my business through attracting new clientele, clients have gone on to tell others, and my business has blossomed as a result in the most vital of stages.  Looking back now, it was one of the best business decisions I have ever made."



Owner - All About Beauty, Oakleigh




"Thank you to Evolve Day Spa & Salon Marketing.  We are very pleased with the results and truly positive amazing concept for both client and owner.  Sarah's commitment and understanding of the industry is paramount to what Evolve do and ensure the right client reaches us.  The design and marketing is upmarket, stylish and targets the right audience.  A potential client gets to try out a salon and spa's services without the huge outlay to the owner on advertising and print media, let alone the time to reach this audience.  I have found this program noteworthy and positive on all aspects, alongside with Sarah's professionalism.  Evolve have become a permanent business partner to Argyle Hair & Beauty.  Potential clients have already become clients - what more can I say!!! "


Irene Evans

Owner ~ Argyle Hair & Irene Evans